Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Warm/Cool Hands

Second grade learned about warm and cool colors.  We also learned about patterns. 
Students first placed their hand on the paper and traced around their fingers and hand.

They then chose a pattern to make: circle, triangle, square, diamond, heart, and repeated that pattern bigger and bigger all the way to the corners of the page.
 Students used warm colors (Red, Yellow, Orange) inside their hands and cool colors (Blue, Purple, Green) outside their hands.

Finished product has cool colors outside the hand and warm colors inside the hand


Third graders learned about sculptural form and how to build things 3D.  Students created their own superheroes.

Students used the scratch and attach technique to stick clay pieces together.

They sculpted, bodies, arms, and legs, some students made capes and even sidekicks!

This is one of our clay superheroes from outer space.

stay tuned for the completed versions!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Clay finishing touches

Second Grade is working on painting their clay food.  We looked at the work of Claes Oldenburg and his clay food, then painted our foods in local color (The actual color of the food)
Fruit bowl

Doughnut - Strawberry

First grade also learned about mixing colors, they mixed primary colors and were able to paint their clay pinch pots

Snow Prints

Third Grade is working on a project using a printing technique.  Winter is a great subject to use for print, when the ink doesn't cover every part of the paper it gives a snowfall look. Students started with a small piece of paper, and sketched an interesting winter snow scene.  After they decided where to put everything, they were given a piece of styrofoam and carved into the foam using a pencil. The foam is used as a printing block for the ink.

Students had to make at least 4 prints, each a different color paper with the same color ink.  
Using the brayer, students covered their styrofoam stamp with ink and placed that printing stamp onto the paper. They each signed, titled and numbered 1-4 in their series (Total number of prints)

Clay Slab Tiles

Fourth Grade planned and created time machine tiles. (Tiles that represent themselves as 4th graders) 
Ideally students can look back on these, years in the future and it will remind them of all their favorite things.  Students had to include the date, first name, age, and 4 things that they enjoy.

First students planned their work on paper...

The following class period was all about clay.  Using clay tools, students made a relief style tile (scratching into the clay)