Monday, March 31, 2014

Pop Art Installation

You may have seen last week's post on our 4th grade Pop Art inspired grid work
Pop Art Painting

Here is the installation process, students lead the process, it was a good way of explaining how an art gallery installation works!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Ipad Drawing

I had the privilege of filling in for my coworker and personal mentor Mrs. Hahn ( ) yesterday in art.  She is working with second graders on drawing the human figure.

After practicing drawing in their journals, students got out the ipads and used the app called Brushes.  Brushes is a simple drawing app that allows students to draw with different sizes and styles of brushes, it also allows for changing of lines and colors.  One of the favorite features of this app is allowing the students to replay the process of drawing.  (The app saves your brush strokes and makes them into a video of your drawing)

This is a great resource for the art classroom, and gives students a different way of thinking of drawing and technology.  Students were very eager to start drawing on the ipads. (Even the one's that didn't like drawing in their journals.)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Warhol Style Gridwork

4th grade is studying the Pop Art movement and more specifically Andy Warhol.  
Pop art challenged traditions of fine art by including images from popular culture (News, advertising.)

1968 Warhol

Students learned how to draw using a grid; they first worked on a 1:1 grid, this means 1 inch on the image is equal to 1 inch on their new grid. After practicing a 1:1 grid, students moved onto a large grid.  Our size for our final grid is about 1:50.  They turned an example of Warhol's famous Tomato soup can (1 small sheet of paper) into 50 separate grid sheets creating one group project.

Students worked together to assemble the grid on the floor and fixing any mistakes along the way.  They used problem solving skills to correct any mistakes along the way.  Instead of everyone working separate, students formed groups of 5-7 students and that group was in charge of 10 sheets in the grid. 

After problem solving, they tried it again and the second time it was even better!

After this second practice session, students were ready for their final draft.  On watercolor paper, students drew the can again, after drawing they outlined their sections with crayons.  The crayon color helped students figure out which section they would be painting.

I could not be more pleased with how great this final product looks; after the first practice day, students were convinced it would be a disaster but to their delight, it was a success!

Students will install these around school with a short bit of information about Andy Warhol.  
I will have more pictures to come, I was just too excited not to post this!

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