Thursday, February 21, 2013

The three martians

2nd grade took a look at the work of Picasso and his piece "The three musicians"

Students practiced symmetry by folding and cutting out interesting shapes to create martians

Students created a moon background using thick lines

they then used the side of their chalk to create a dust like moon cover

they used ovals to create craters

They added the moon sky with stars 

students glued on their martians 

Picasso Portraits

1st grade is working on all kinds of portraits this month, they started with a realistic portrait, and followed it up with Picasso style portraits.  

Students traced a circle for their face shape, and cut out eyes, nose and mouth.  Much like Picasso, students placed the facial features in fun spots on the face

they then glued the faces onto green paper and used 6 or more colors for the neck and shirt and added a hair color.

Super finish!

Third grade painted their clay superheroes and they are currently on display in Hassan hallways near you!

Fifth graders are finishing up their 1 point perspective roads, each student had to have 3 buildings that go towards 1 vanishing point