Friday, April 26, 2013

first and second grade

Second graders became interior designers last week, mapping out their bedrooms from an overhead perspective.  Students created a key and symbols to stand for each piece of furniture, toys, door, or window.

They also did a watercolor emulation of Vincent VanGogh's  "vase with 12 sunflowers" painting

They first drew with pencil, followed by tracing over the lines with a crayon, the crayon serves as a wax resist for the watercolor, it helps paint stay in the lines.
Finished work will have the table and background painted.

 First grade was eager to bring some spring flowers and color to our snowy community, they folded and cut out petals, stems, and leaves to make a paper flower

Finished work will have a pointillism butterfly flying over the flowers.

Busy 4th graders

Fourth Grade has been busy with a clay proposal, as well as working on American Indian artist style self portraits.

Students had to draw and write a short proposal of a 3D clay project, students chose something important to them, while having the freedom to create (almost) anything.
Max the puppy

Minecraft "Creeper"

Students in fourth grade are also in the process of creating a Frank Big Bear style self portrait.  Frank Big Bear is a Minnesotan artist from the White Earth Reservation.

He uses an interesting style using complimentary colors and a modified grid to create an interesting color scheme and portrait.

Students first draw a large face, some features may be exaggerated.  They then draw random lines over the face to make a organic grid. Every new line they run into, is a new color.  Each color should be somewhere near their complimentary color.

Finished work coming soon!