Thursday, October 4, 2012

Andy Goldsworthy

Well, it's October so that means it's time for a new artist of the month: Andy Goldsworthy
Goldsworthy is a Naturalist Artist, that means he uses only things found in nature as his tools and art.  He collects leaves, rocks, snow, and ice, and uses those items to make an interesting composition.  Goldsworthy loves to "capture the moment" by taking a picture of the work at its peak, or when the art is done, he then likes to watch wind take away the leaves, sun melt the snow, and allow time to age his gigantic wooden sculptures.

Fifth Grade is starting a new project: Designing a Minnesota state flag for Youth Art Month.

Youth Art Month (YAM) takes place during the entire month of March.  YAM is a celebration of our student artists! Each year, Students take part in a Youth Art Month flag design competition.  Students design a flag for their state containing symbols for art in Minnesota.  Each school has 2 winners, and from those winners, 1 student from Elementary, Middle, and High school, state wide, is selected as the Student flag design winner.  These winners get their flags made into an actual 3'x5' flag and that flag gets to be on display during the Youth Art Month art show at the Minnesota State Capitol from March 24th - March 30th, 2013.... here are a few examples of past entries.

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