Friday, March 28, 2014

Ipad Drawing

I had the privilege of filling in for my coworker and personal mentor Mrs. Hahn ( ) yesterday in art.  She is working with second graders on drawing the human figure.

After practicing drawing in their journals, students got out the ipads and used the app called Brushes.  Brushes is a simple drawing app that allows students to draw with different sizes and styles of brushes, it also allows for changing of lines and colors.  One of the favorite features of this app is allowing the students to replay the process of drawing.  (The app saves your brush strokes and makes them into a video of your drawing)

This is a great resource for the art classroom, and gives students a different way of thinking of drawing and technology.  Students were very eager to start drawing on the ipads. (Even the one's that didn't like drawing in their journals.)