Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Starting over

Welcome to Art! 

My name is Michael Kantor, this is my 4th year as an elementary art specialist. I am excited to be starting the art program at Cedar Creek Community School! I like painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography, and drawing. I love all sports, and local sports teams, especially the Wild.  I enjoy going to valleyfair and being outside. I spend my summers working at Hazeltine National Golf Club, in Chaska, MN.

Summer is long gone and the school year is here! This school year will be different than any I have ever experienced before.  I have the privilege of STARTING the elementary art program at my school. (That's right, a district who is ADDING art! Woohoo!) The classroom had been a random assortment of other classes in the 6 years since our district has had elementary art, and let me tell you, cleaning the random tools, books, and supplies was a daunting task!  As the clutter turned into an organized mess, I started to see how my classroom would look.  This will be my 4th year teaching and my first time really having a feel for how I want my class to look.

We have our own display case (great for square1 display)

My rules turned from paragraphs into a simple acronym.

I am more visual with the elements and principles of art.

The paints and brushes are sorted (Rainbow order)

Table bins are sorted and labeled by color.

Drawing books are at a good elementary height.

aaaaaaand finally my drawing mannequins and Vinny found a new home.

Will my classroom look like this at year's end? Who knows, but I am confident these students will be set up for success based on my experiences!