Friday, November 16, 2012

Mosiac Trees, people drawing, and Organic Abstractions

First Graders started making ripped paper mosaic trees.  They first had to cut up 35 pieces of brown paper without knowing what they are going to make, they then drew an outline of a tree with 5 branches, the branches and tree bark were covered using an overlapping technique similar to the mosaic tile technique

Students finished 1-4 trees and will be covering them with the 4 seasons of tree colors next time in art!

Second grade started learning correct human proportions.  They learned about how tall an average adult is, and how tall the average 2nd grader is.  Students practiced drawing using circles and ovals and then erased the inner lines and created a clothing design.

Third grade learned about Organic shapes.  They practiced matching organic and geometric shapes and colored in a cool (Blue, purple, green) or warm (red, yellow, orange) color scheme.  It was a fun activity for students, coloring with oil pastels and without even knowing it, ALL students made an organic abstraction.

After students finished their cool/warm color scheme, they cut out around the shapes and made a large organic shape, that shape was glued to black paper and all students ended with a large organic shape.

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