Friday, November 2, 2012

Veteran's day, Husky Pride

Students in 3rd grade learned about the importance of Veteran's day this past week; we discussed how Veteran's fight for our freedom and Veteran's day is one way we thank them for serving our Country.

Students ripped paper and cut out stars to make 5 different types of United States flags from our Nation's history.  They carefully placed out the red and white spaces and made sure to make the flags look as neat as possible.

Students worked in teams to get these flags done for the Veteran's day celebration in 2 weeks.  They had to decide who was going to cut, who was going to glue, who was in charge of filling white spaces and where the stars go.

We also wanted to show our Husky Pride in school so a few groups made these great Husky Pride flags out of ripped paper

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