Wednesday, November 27, 2013

4th grade Olympic Medal Slab Project

With the Winter Olympics around the corner, I have started planning ahead for some Olympic related art activities.  The best part about the Olympic games for the competitors is the Olympic medals. I decided it would be best for students to brainstorm things they excel at and things that they can improve on; after they create a list of strengths and weaknesses, students will narrow it down to one of each, then designing a gold medal for their strength and a silver medal, for the area where they feel they can improve. 

Students will roll out a long slab and cut out 2 medal shapes.  The shapes should be smoothed out along edges and on the surface to create a smooth surface to draw the design. Students will use a wooden tool or toothpick to draw their medal designs and outlines.  I used old marker caps from dried out markers to create the Olympic logo.  I found it helpful to have a damp paper towel on hand as the clay tends to ball up on the end of the toothpick, after every few lines are drawn, wipe off the toothpick with the paper towel.  After the drawing is complete, have students cut a small slit above the circular medal shape, this will be where the crepe paper/ribbon is attached. After the kiln firing, students will paint 1 medal gold and 1 silver.  This lesson is a good one because it asks students to figure out areas they are successful and areas in which they can improve.

You will need:
Canvas squares/plastic bags
Crepe paper/Ribbon for the strap to hold the medal
Marker caps/chap stick caps for olympic rings
Medal shape cut outs (I used yogurt containers and tops to make cut outs)
Rolling pins
Wooden tool/toothpicks

Yogurt cup or caps work great for cutting out medal shape, be sure to leave room for the ribbon to be attached.

Cap for Olympic logo and wooden tool for drawing.

Here is an example of a similar finished product

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