Thursday, November 21, 2013


5th Graders have been working on learning the coil process in clay.  Since students at Hassan have art only once every 5 days; it is difficult to finish clay in 1, 60 minute class period. The clay would be too dry by the time the next art class rolls around, so students spend one class with the clay practicing rolling out coils, scratch and attaching the coils, as well as decorating the coils.  The practice time gets the ideas flowing and allows students to be confident enough in their coils to create something great!

Students had to design a basic and advanced drawing of their coil sculpture (starting with the most basic for time purposes, then moving onto their advanced drawing if they had the time.) The practice time and proposal drawings helped them visualize how long it would take to create a coil sculpture.

After the clay gets to the Bisqueware stage (Fired once in the kiln) the students are able to glaze the clay with their choice of 3 colors, here are some student examples.

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