Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pop Art Portraits

4th Grade is finishing up their unit in Pop Art, they took a look at the work of Roy Lichtenstein and his use of color as well as the Benday dot style he used.

Students first drew the outline of their face, they used a caricature style to keep the facial features simple.

After drawing the portrait, students outlined their face with a thin sharpie.

After outlining the face, students drew diagonal lines across the face lightly, these lines will serve as the lines in which to put the benday dots.

Students put dots on the lines in a brown, red, yellow, peach, or orange color. Most students chose a color similar to their skin color.

After finishing with the dots, students erase the pencil lines underneath, and create a different dot pattern for hair, shirt and background.

Students color with colored pencil under the dots and create an interesting background.

After finishing with the portrait and the background, students create a caption and cut it out, adding it to their portrait.

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