Monday, April 14, 2014

Picasso's Flowers of Peace

First grade continued their study of Pablo Picasso this week looking at his work "Flowers of Peace"

I started by asking if they thought this was painted by a professional artist or a student and 90% of them guessed it was painted by a student. We discussed the two hands and the title and what the title could mean.  Students discussed and decided the two hands were two people agreeing to peace over flowers.

Students began by tracing their hands near the lower part of the page.

They then drew circles for the flower and ovals for the petals of the flower. Students traced their hands in black crayon and flowers in warm and cool colored crayons.

The next class, Students colored in their flowers with oil pastels, bringing a ton of bright color into their work.

When the flowers are filled with color, we talked about warm and cool colors.  The warm colors represent one person and the cool colors represent the other person.  When the two colors come together to hold the flowers, the colors combine and create this beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Picasso - Flowers Of Peace

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