Friday, October 3, 2014

Square 1 Art

Starting at a new school is great, the excitement about art is high and raising excitement is made easy for me, as we are starting a program called Square 1 art.  It allows students to create artwork that can be made into products for family and friends.  Each grade level creates an artwork that is similar in style, but with varying degrees of difficulty.  The artwork is sent to the company, scanned and printed into a sheet of stickers.  The stickers are sent back and the students get to keep them!  The sticker form contains an order number to get their work printed on everything from coffee mugs to ipad cases. Here are a few examples we are working with at Cedar Creek.

5th graders created a name grid.  A name grid is a visual way of describing a person.  They filled three boxes with visual representations of themselves and one box filled with their name written in a creative way.  Students learned that sometimes part of the border can be cut off on the printer so they made a creative border to fill that additional space.

First grade created a self portrait using some shapes for the face, adding color and line in the background.

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