Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Stickers arrived!

This fall at Cedar Creek, we have been working on an art fundraiser called square 1 art. www.square1art.com

Students completed art squares that were then sent to the company, scanned and every student received 20 stickers of their art! To add to the excitement of Halloween, the stickers arrived Friday and they turned out fantastic! The colors are vibrant, stickers look great, and the smiles on students faces are unbelievable!

Students got their artwork back along with a sticker pack and order form.
Students can order anything from a keychain to an ipad case with their own art on it.

 The packets include an example of the artwork on a coffee mug and a packet showing other products available.  Square 1 art is a great program to support the art budget, it helps a growing program like ours, to create enriching projects and expand the kinds of media we can use!
Orders will be accepted until November 17th and will arrive December 9th!

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