Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Clay Bobble Heads

4th grade is in the process of taking on a tough task: Bobble head figures.  These bobble heads have become a popular giveaway at sporting events and I thought it would be a fun first experience with clay to create these figures.  Students were presented with the problem of drawing something that is 3 Dimensional on a flat surface, they had to draw and plan their clay figure.  After a planning session, students came into class ready to create the base of their future bobble head.  The base needed to come to a point somewhere near the neck of the figure to create the area for the head to bobble on the body.


They formed the clay around their finger to save on drying time and create a hollow base (safe from kiln explosions.) They learned to scratch and attach the clay and create a full figure in the round. They added on details like fur, clothes, or scales and the base was set aside to dry. 




The clay came out of the kiln and this week, students are creating the heads for their bobblers. They started with small cubes of clay, turned them into pinch pot bowls, and built around their finger to create a spot for the head to balance and "bobble" on the clay.

These will go in the kiln, and be painted in the colors of the student's choosing.  Students have loved this project so far, I have found it has helped to show them how to make the head and body during their drawing and pre-planning day, then again the day of the actual build.

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