Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Youth Art Month Massive Update

March is Youth Art Month!

Kara D - Elementary Flag Representative - Minnesota
Brent A - Kindergarten Robot Pastel Drawing

Tegan W - Metal Bug

 Mason W - Flag Design

 Lindsey T - Flag Design

 Youth Art Month has been always been a crazy time of year for me; for the past 5 years, I have served as the Youth Art Month Representative from Minnesota.  This means putting on a state wide art show featuring artwork from K-12 Students across Minnesota.  This year's show featured over 120 student artists from more than 40 schools, it is a great opportunity for students to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to the arts (and the cookies aren't bad either)

Meanwhile, back at Cedar Creek...

We have been working on a ton of projects and here is the massive update I have been neglecting!

Kindergartners worked with shapes and color over the past year, most recently creating Shape Robots.  Students studied the many shapes, both geometric (shapes with names like circle, square, etc) and organic or free form shapes (shapes without names, camouflage design, leaves, found in nature.) They created large robots using pencil and oil pastel.  We also took a look at patterns and which colors look good together (Complimentary colors)

Here they are hard at work

Fouth Grade finished painting their bobble heads and I could not be more impressed with how fantastic these people, animals, and creatures turned out!
For more information on this project, check out my previous post here

And the Final products...

 Grumpy Cat





Business Clown

 One of my favorite projects to do with weaving is this paper weave that first grade completed, students created and folded a paper weave using an AB or ABC pattern
More Info here: http://mrkantor.blogspot.com/2014/03/paper-weave-bedding.html

The paper weave serves as the bed spread for their project, they then designed and cut their own pillows

And designed their sleeping faces

Glued them down and added the paper weave as bedding

Some even had enough time to add a stuffed animal or additional blanket

 We made STEM into STEAM by incorporating artistic principles into the design process in 5th Grade, as students have been designing Optical Illusions using a grid.  We discussed the enfineering process and how engineers use their resources and each other to solve a problem. In this case, the students were shown the final example of what their optical illusion cube should look like, and one or two facts about the process from me, from there, the students had to use trial and error and use each-other for help to solve their task. This is a very tough project for some, and asking peers for help can be a hard process!

Using the Grid and a ruler, students created this cube with a smaller cube in the middle, they used at least 3 colors to make it appear to move back and forth in the space.

The background was made of geometric and organic shapes to create an irregular pattern.


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