Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Kindergarten Snow Families

My K's have been working with line, shape, and color so far this year. This lesson incorporates all three.  Students counted how many people in their family, and drew them as snowpeople.  We watched a video that explained about the artist George Seurat and pointillism. (Art with Mati and Dada) Students drew their families using circles for the bodies and qtips to paint the snowpeople bodies using pointillism dots.  Typically pointillism uses dots of many colors and the human eye naturally blends the colors, I feel that students understanding the process behind pointillism, will help them to understand the visual blending even with only 1 color. They painted the bodies of the snowpeople in one class, and added details with oil pastels in the next class. The results are an explosion of adorable.

This project was fun for students for many ways; trying new materials, painting with something other than a paint brush, and telling a story about their families.

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